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How to Create a Great Backlink Profile

How to Create a Great Backlink Profile

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There are many factors to consider when creating your backlink profile. For instance, you want to ensure that the number of anchor texts containing your target keyword is around 7%. That isn’t too bad, but the majority of these are generic brand names. Another factor to consider is the strength and relevance of your anchor texts. And of course, there is the naked URL. But how do you determine the quality of your links? Read on to find out how to make your link profile look great!

Anchor text distribution

While it is important to include a variety of keywords in your backlinks, it’s also important to ensure that the anchor text is relevant to the page or source that it points to. For example, if your website is about the best mirrorless cameras, you can include a link to the Mirrorless Cameras page that features a comprehensive review of the latest models. Or, if you are writing about the best cameras of 2022, you can include a link to an article describing the top three camera brands.

Although this method isn’t a foolproof way to improve your backlinks, it can be an effective way to boost your rankings. The key is to make sure your anchor texts are diverse and from authoritative sites. You can use special tools to audit your backlinks and optimize your anchor text with the help of these tools. To increase the quality of your links, you can hire an Adsy guest posting service to generate high-quality backlinks for your website.


A strong backlink profile means that your site is getting plenty of links from reputable websites. While the total number of links is an important starting point, the total number of unique domains linked to your site should also be considered. Having thousands of backlinks from many different sites is less powerful than a few from a more reputable domain. The ideal ratio should be as even as possible. You can check the strength of your backlink profile by using the SEO Explorer tool.

The strength of your backlink profile is determined by how many relevant, high-quality links you have. A high-quality backlink profile is more important than its quantity. You should analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles to see where your backlinks should come from and what opportunities you have to expand. Make sure you only build links from high-authority pages. Editorial links from high-authority sites are a great way to boost your backlink profile.


One of the most important metrics to consider when optimizing a website is the relevance of its backlink profile. This is particularly important in the face of changing algorithms such as Google’s Hummingbird update, which has nerfed the importance of keywords and shifted the search engine’s focus to semantic search. Although not always possible, keyword selection in anchor text can significantly affect a site’s relevance, so it’s worth paying attention to how keywords are used. In addition, you should also take note of any brand-related anchor text, which has an even greater impact.

Another indicator of a bad backlink profile is having zero or few high authority sites linked to the website. These high domain authority sites (DA 50 to 100) can boost a website’s rankings. However, an excessive number of non-relevant links can have negative effects on Google rankings and may indicate that backlinks were crafted primarily to manipulate PageRank. In other words, you should try to ensure that your backlink profile includes relevant links from high-authority websites, but avoid creating spammy backlinks.


When it comes to SEO, diversity of your backlink profile is important. Search engines see a varied profile as a credible source of information, which should boost your visibility in search results. To create a diverse backlink profile, try getting links from a range of sources, such as news sites, reference pages, blogs, and more. Using diverse anchor text is an excellent way to create an interesting and diverse backlink profile.

While anchor text is still important, diversifying your backlink profile can help you rank for multiple keywords. High domain authority backlinks can also be acquired through media outreach. Forbes, Entrepreneur, and the Huffington Post are good examples of high domain authority sites. Diverse links can also help boost your page ranking. By using diverse backlinks, your site will be more likely to survive algorithm changes and keep its ranking. So diversify your backlink profile and enjoy the rewards!

Spam indicators

The first step to removing spam links from your backlink profile is to analyze your site’s backlink profile. In general, links from high-spam websites have a negative effect on organic search rankings. Additionally, the more links you have from suspect websites, the higher your risk of getting a link penalty from Google. You can use a backlink audit tool to detect and remove such links. This tool runs automated reports weekly.

Site Link Diversity – This index measures the number of followed and no-follow links on your website. A high percentage of followed links is considered an organic search ranking factor. The ratio of no-follow links to followed links should be about 50/50. However, if you notice unusually high numbers of no-follow links, you should try to reduce the number of such links. Inbound links with high numbers of no-follow links are considered spammy.