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How to Buy Dofollow Backlinks

How to Buy Dofollow Backlinks

If you want to outrank your competitors, it’s vital to build a good link profile to your website. There are a few ways to do this. You can use a backlink auditing tool to examine the backlink profile of a competitor’s website. If it finds any dofollow backlinks, you can contact the website owners and request them to link to your site. In many cases, you can even contact these website owners yourself to purchase them for your own website.

Guest posting

While many bloggers may think of guest posting as a strategy to generate backlinks, this is not the most effective strategy. Ideally, guest posts should provide something of value to readers, solve a problem, or offer a more accessible way to understand a subject. If a guest post does not offer anything of value, consider adding a link in the author bio instead. Adding a link in the author bio is an acceptable way to generate backlinks.

Although guest posting is often used to generate links, you should avoid it if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to it. Guest posts do not only pass on relevant links but also link juice. In addition, Google interprets these links as votes of confidence and can lead to improved SERP rankings and increased organic traffic. Research has shown that more backlinks from high-authority sites have the greatest impact.

Sponsored posts

Dofollow backlinks are vital to the success of an off-page SEO campaign. The purpose of these links is to pass PageRank from one site to another. Google uses PageRank to measure the authority of a website. High PageRank means a site is expected to rank higher in organic search results. Although Google doesn’t publish data on PageRank, employees still use it as part of its ranking algorithm.

Google considers the first link on a page as the most valuable. It will give the website more SEO benefit because the Googlebots will take it into consideration when ranking your website. However, the more links your site has, the less value the nofollow link will have. So, it is advisable to use both kinds of backlinks. However, it is better to use dofollow links for your website’s internal linking structure.

Dofollow forums

Dofollow forums are an excellent way to build backlinks for your site. Forums that have high Domain authority and activity tend to have dofollow backlinks. While you can’t participate in every forum, you should choose three or four that are relevant to your niche and add value by contributing to discussions. Before you buy dofollow forum backlinks, make sure you understand the importance of finding forums with dofollow attributes.

Listed projects on review sites can also be fruitful dofollow backlinks. You can use high-volume keywords to boost your clickability rate and SERP ranking. By listing your projects for review, you can receive positive feedback and get a link pointing to your website. Make sure to include the link to your website in the profile description. Listed projects have higher SERP rankings and are more likely to be clicked.


Dofollow backlinks are an important part of SEO and are essential for your website’s ranking. These links guide traffic to your site and connect you with your readers. They also make your website rank higher on search engines. SeoClerks offers a variety of services, including buying dofollow backlinks and creating unique content. Whether you need a few new links or hundreds, our SEO team can help.

The importance of dofollow backlinks can be quantified in several ways. These links are adhered to by search engines, and they help ensure that web pages are visible to the search engine. A good SEO approach includes these links, since they help web pages rank higher and promote faster indexing. SeoClerks works with a network of webmasters to buy dofollow backlinks for its clients.


HARO is an online company that acquires high authority, dofollow backlinks for clients. The company’s link-building approach is unrivaled. They obtain high-quality backlinks from high-quality publications. The sites that HARO queries are popular news sites, blogs, and high-domain authority websites. The result is a high-quality backlink profile that boosts your rankings and organic traffic.

HARO’s service consists of two main phases. First, it involves a media research phase. After this phase, the team will submit 75 pitches a month to high-authority sites. A minimum amount of traffic is required, and the service is backed by a 90-day money back guarantee. A HARO link can result in between two to ten backlinks. After the first phase, HARO will monitor the backlinks and report back on their success.